Awesome Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

Here are some gorgeous and easy wine bottle craft ideas for you to try.

I’m not much of a wine drinker but my 28 year old son occasionally brings home a bottle.

But then I found that my favorite store (Trader Joe’s) has been carrying some really good fruit wines lately and I have bought a bottle there every few weeks.

When we are done with the wine, I hate to throw away the bottles. They are so pretty and seem well made. So I have been saving them for crafts.

I plan on doing one in a week or two with my granddaughter so she can make a nice handmade Mother’s Day gift for her mom.

I’m not sure which one we will do but it will have to be one of the more simpler crafts since a 9 year old will be making it.

Anyway, I have collected some wonderful wine bottle craft ideas on Pinterest (you can see my wine bottle craft board here) and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

If you can’t see the images of the wine bottles just refresh the page. There’s a Pinterest bug that doesn’t always show the photos at first.

Mosaic Wine Bottle

There is just something so satisfying when doing a mosaic. If you haven’t tried it, a small project like this is the perfect thing to try before graduating to bigger projects like a table.

Find the tutorial here.

Textured Beachy Wine Bottle

This looks like a pretty and fairly simple wine bottle craft. I think this is something an older child could handle, don’t you?

Get the tutorial here.

Wine Bottle Art

This looks pretty easy to do and the results look so awesome. You can find the tutorial here.

Twine Wrapped Bottle

How cute are these twine wrapped bottles? Here is a link to a YouTube video on how to make a similar bottle here.

Cloth and String Wrapped Bottle

Here’s a beautiful variation on the twine wrapped bottle. There is no tutorial for this but it looks pretty easy to make. I’m not sure if this is just colored string or yarn or what. Along with the string, you just glue strips of pretty fabric on the bottle.

Blue Beach Bottle

There isn’t a site for this photo though it looks pretty self explanatory. I’ve got lots of seashells since I live near the ocean and would love to try this one.

Glass Flat Marble Bottle

I have actually made covered a vase with these and it turned out really pretty and very easy to do.

You can get the tutorial here.

Dot Painted Bottle

I LOVE this bottle. I definitely want to try this one. There is no instructions for it but I recognize that it’s painted with dots. Easy peasy.

Lace Covered Bottle

Another simple bottle craft but the results are elegant. The link to this doesn’t show the tutorial at all so I’m not going to include it.

Chalkboard Wine Bottle

This is a cute idea, isn’t it? The flowers and leaves are made with polymer clay and the rest is just paint, chalkboard paint and a little twine. You can get the instructions here.

So that’s my 10 favorite wine bottle crafts. Which one is your favorite? If you try any of these, please let me know. I’d love to know how it turns out.

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