Make an Easy Wine Bottle Vase

easy recycled wine bottle vase

I mentioned in an earlier post about wine bottle crafts that I collected from Pinterest, that I planned to try my hand at making a craft myself out of a wine bottle.

Well I finally did it. I think it turned out cute, and it only took a few supplies to make.

One little tip: Whenever I do a messy craft on my kitchen table, I lay brown paper that you can buy by the roll at the Dollar Store. Makes clean up a breeze.


supplies needed to make a wrapped wine bottle vase
  • Spool of twine (any type or you can use yarn or thick string)
  • Wire and Bead Flowers (or you can use small shells, silk flowers or whatever else you want)
  • Empty, clean wine bottle

I used some Goo Gone to get the label completely off the bottle.

Tools Needed

  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Gel Super Glue (the type you use on glass works best but I used the regular gel type for this project that I got from the Dollar Store and it worked just fine).


Wrapping the Bottle

start wrapping twine around bottle
  1. Start the row of twine by glueing a small piece underneath the bottle. Hold the twine securely to the glass until you are sure it’s dry. Don’t use your fingers or they will get stuck! I use the outside edge of my wire cutters to hold it against the bottle.
  2. Start wrapping the twine around the bottle pushing each row down flush to the row before. Every 3-4 inches while wrapping add a tiny drop of glue on the glass before laying down the twine.
  3. Wrap the rows of twine around the bottle as high as you want it to go. Put a drop of glue every so often to secure the twine to the glass. Do it once or twice per row. Push the row of twine down to lay flush against the row below it.
  4. When you are finished wrapping the twine, cut it and secure it with a drop of glue. Just like you did at the beginning, hold it for a minute until dry.
wrapping the twine around the bottle

Make a Flower Wreath

twist the wire to make a small wreath
  1. If you are using the beaded flowers with wire stems, make a small chain by wrapping the wire of one stem to the other stem. Keep going until your flower chain is long enough to wrap around the neck of the bottle.
  2. Wrap the flower chain around the neck and twist the wire stems together to secure.
  3. Clip the excess wire.
  4. Bend any remaining wire and tuck under the flower wreath.
finish the flower wreath

Glue the Flowers

trim the wire before glueing
  1. With the remaining beaded flowers, cut the stems off with wire cutters.
  2. Decide on where you want the flowers to be on the wrapped twine.
  3. Using a pea sized dollup of glue on the back of the flower, hold it to the bottle for about a minute until dry.
  4. Keep going until all the flowers are glued on the bottle.

Don’t touch anything for about an hour until everything is completely dry. Then add your flowers and enjoy!

And here’s the finished vase.

Flower Vase Made from recycled wine bottle

The photos below are two vases my 8 year old granddaughter made. One she just used paints. the other she used twine and seashells. So this is a kid friendly craft, but I’d recommend it for older kids.

2 vases

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