How to Pick your Grandma Name

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I remember when my daughter was pregnant with my first grandbaby. I had no idea what grandparent name I wanted to be called.

Fortunately I had months to decide but unfortunately I felt like once I decided on a name, that I couldn’t change my mind. So the name had to be just right.

I didn’t want to be called what I called both sets of my grandmothers which was Mammaw. It’s a Southern name similar to Memaw. And my grandfathers were Papaw.

Grandmother was far too formal and Grandma was too common. Granny made me think of the crazy granny on that old sitcom Beverly Hillbillies.

I asked my friends who were already grandmothers for suggestions. I did searches on the internet and made lists. Gee, coming up with the right name was harder than naming my own children!

I finally decided on Nana. It was easy to say for a child, simple and didn’t make me feel like an old fogie. Also it’s fairly common but not so common that every grandmother you meet is called that.

Tips for Picking Your Grandmother Name

  • Make a list of possible names.
  • Ask for suggestions from others.
  • If you have a spouse, ask what he wants to be called. It could spark ideas of a complimentary name for you.
  • Check to see what your grandchild’s other grandparents will be called. To minimize confusion, it’s best to have different names for each grandmother. Of course if you really want the grandmother name that the other grandmother has chosen, you can always add your name to it. Such as Grammy Jan or Grandma Cindy.
  • Be flexible and don’t get too attached to your grandma name because your grandchild will probably change it for you. I’m Nana but despite my best efforts, my granddaughter still calls me Ning-Ning half the time. She thinks it’s funny. I don’t. Sometimes though, small kids can’t say the name you picked so they end up calling you a loose variation of the name.
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List of Grandma Names

Here’s a list of grandmother names that I have collected. If you know of names not on the list, be sure to add it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

  • Amma
  • Bama
  • BeBe
  • CeeCee
  • G-ma
  • Gabby
  • GaGa
  • Gamma
  • Gammy
  • GiGi
  • Glamma
  • Gramma
  • Grammy
  • Grandma
  • Grandmama
  • Grandmom
  • Grandmommy
  • Grandmother
  • Gran-Gran
  • Granna
  • Granny
  • LaLa
  • Lolly
  • Mamaw
  • Memaw
  • Mimi
  • MomMom
  • Nana
  • Nonna
  • Oma
  • YaYa

Check out this cute video on picking your grandma name:

So if you are already a grandmother, what do your grandkids call you? Leave a comment and tell us!

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4 thoughts on “How to Pick your Grandma Name”

    • Sounds like my grand who continues to call me Ning-ning even though I’ve tried my hardest to get her to call me Nana.
      Mommu is cute.

  1. I’m surprised that you do not have Mom Mom on your list. My grandmother and my mother were both MomMom. My daughter is expecting my first grandchild. Her mother in law asked what I wanted to be called and Mom Mom it is!


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