How to Organize Your Clothes

…So You Can Find What You Want to Wear

Do you love watching organizing videos and blog posts? I do, but there is one thing that kind of irritates me about many of them.

The closets and drawers that they are organizing are usually huge. What about those of us with tiny bedrooms with small closets and dresssers?

For those who are size challenged, we need to stay organized even more than those who have the huge closets.

There just isn’t much room to keep things in and it can quickly become a giant mess.

I’m not super organized in my life but I am pretty organized when it comes to my clothes. So I thought I’d share my tips with you. They are for anyone who wears clothes (which is all of us I hope) but will really help those with space limitations.

Organizing Your Closet

The first thing to do when you aready to organize your closet, is to pull all the clothes out, including any clothes that have fallen to the floor.

I put everything on the bed and go through each piece. I have 5 different piles to put things in.

Pile 1

The first pile are things I like and fit. These will go back in the closet when I’m done sorting.

Pile 2

The second pile
are things that I love but don’t fit. I’ll refine this pile later.

Pile 3

The third pile are clothes that are stained, or torn or have holes. This pile will be thrown away when I’m done.

Pile 4

The next pile are things I love but need repaired (replacing a button, repairing a hem, etc.) I will put these in a bag or basket to repair when I’m done.

Pile 5

The last pile are things that no longer fit, I never wear or I just don’t like. I put this in a charity bag to be given away to Samaritan House Goodwill or Salvation Army.

The only pile to concern myself with right now is the first one. I will organize my clothes by type first, and color second.

I decide where I want to put each type in my closet.

I will put the things I wear the most in front where I will have easy access to them. I put shirts directly in the front, pants to the right, capris to the right of the pants and shorts at the end. Sweaters go to the left of the shirts and dresses go to the left of the sweaters.

Now for each category of clothes, I arrange them by color. This makes it so easy to find matching pieces when putting together an outfit.

I have all my hangers facing towards me. You can see in the photo below, how a few of the hangers are hung the opposite way.

After wearing an item, and washing it, when I go to hang it back up, I change the hanger so it’s facing the other way, towards the back wall of the closet. This way more of my clothes get a chance to be worn because I will look for the clothes that haven’t been worn yet with the hanger towards me and choose them over something that I know I wore.

At the end of the season, I check to see what was never worn. Those are the clothes I will give away because odds, are I will never wear them and they are just taking up valuable space.

The exception for me is formal wear that I may wear once every few years or what I call my funeral dress. These are things that are needed occasionally and I don’t want to have to go out and buy them again.

Now it’s time to deal with pile 2 which are the clothes I love but have gotten too big for. If you are lucky and you don’t have fluctuating weight issues like I do, you can just skip over this.

But if you are like me and are always gaining weight and losing weight, you don’t want to buy whole new wardrobes every time you go up or down a size.

I go through this pile very carefully and only save the things I truly love. I will enclose them in a large space saving plastic bag and suck the air out of the bag to make it small. Then I will store the bag in a bin under my bed.

Organizing Your Dresser

I have a small dresser too so I periodically go through the things I keep in there and take out things that are torn, don’t fir properly or I know I never wear.

I also remove things that I have too many of. When going through my sock drawer, I noticed I had 2 pairs of the exact same kind of light blue socks and 4 pairs of black solcks. So I got rid of one pair of blue and 2 pairs of black.

Again I organize things in my drawers by colors (except for night gowns, I organize them by season).

I buy drawer organizers from Amazon and these keep everything so tidy and I can see exactly what I have at a glance.

Below is my nightgown drawer. I roll my nightgowns and nightshirts up. Silky, and lightweight cotton gowns are on the left and on the far right is my heavier gowns and my flannel nightgown.

nightgowns in drawer

Here is my bra drawer:

Organized bra drawer

Here is my underwear drawer:

organized underwear drawer

And here is my sock drawer:

organized sock drawer

Organizing Your Shoes

I actually keep my shoes in 4 organizers beside my dresser. If I had a bigger closet, I’d keep them in there but this still works well and it isn’t as ugly as you’d expect.

You can find them on Amazon here.

For me, I have to be able to see everything or I forget I have it. Are you like that too?

Since I have 4 of these organizing shoe cubby holes, I keep them set up by cold weather or warm weather.

I’m writing this in the Spring, so all my sandals are in the top cubby holes. All the other shoes are in the lower cubby holes. In the Fall, I’ll reverse them and put them in the top and put the sandals in the bottom cubbies.

Organzing Your Bags

You may notice that I have a Vera Bradley addiction by these bags, lol. I keep them in wire shelves at the bottom of my closet. My suitcases sits beside them.

I got the wire shelves from Amazon too. You can get them here.

That’s it for clothes. I hope it helps. I’d love to hear about how you organize your clothes so leave a comment and let me know.

In another post, I’ll show you how I store my makeup, hair stuff and jewelry.

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